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This is the county dataset from the OpenIntro textbook Advanced High School Statistics. A description of the variables follows below.

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nameCounty name
stateState where the county resides (also including the District of Columbia)
pop2000Population in 2000
pop2010Population in 2010
fed_spendFederal spending per capita
povertyPercent of the population in poverty
homeownershipPercent of the population that lives in their own home or lives with the owner (e.g. children living with parents who own the home)
multiunitPercent of living units that are in multi-unit structures (e.g. apartments)
incomeIncome per capita
incomeMedian household income for the county, where a household's income equals the total income of its occupants who are 15 years or older
smokingType of county-wide smoking ban in place at the end of 2011, which takes one of three values: none, partial or comprehensive
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